Setstorm Community Guidelines

The Dos and Don'ts of publishing videos on setstorm

1. Nudity, sexual content and content promoting or showing self harm are not permitted on setstorm. Neither in the videos, nor in the thumbnails.
2. Posting harmful or dangerous content is not allowed. This includes content such as Instructions on how to harm or kill, content which promotes the use or covers the creation of hard drugs such as cocaine or opioids, content which promotes or glorifies violence or violent tragedies, content relating to Hacking or Bypassing payment for digital content or services, content which praises, glorifies or encourages imitation of eating disorders and content which contains extremely dangerous challenges or pranks, which might lead victims to fear imminent serious physical danger or which creates or promotes emotional distress.
3. Posting Violent or graphic content on setstorm is not permitted. This includes content such as content encouraging others to commit violent acts, content covering fights involving minors, Content showing bodily fluids, such as blood or vomit, with the intent to shock or disgust viewers, content which shows the aftermath or process of road accidents, natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks, street fights, physical attacks, sexual assaults, immolation, torture, protests or riots, robberies, medical procedures, or other such scenarios with the intent to shock or disgust viewers, content where there is infliction of unnecessary suffering or harm deliberately causing an animal distress, content where animals are encouraged or coerced to fight by humans, content covering corpses with massive injuries, such as severed limbs and dramaticised or fictional content which does not provide enough context to determine if the footage if dramaticised or fictional.
4. Hate Speech, cyberbullying, harassment and other forms of discrimination in videos, thumbnails or comments against individuals or groups is not allowed on setstorm. Comments are to be written in civil manner - keep the human behind the screen in mind.
5. You are not allowed to impersonate by copying another channel's profile or by posting content which suggests that it's posted by someone else.
6. Spams, scams and other deceptive practices are not allowed on setstorm. Your video must not be posted repetitively or in an untargeted manner. Comments promoting scam or deceptive websites are not permitted.
7. Reposting videos of which you are not the copyright holder or do not have express permission by the copyright holder is not permitted on setstorm. Please check the content you are using inside of your content such as Background Music or Video Snippets for potential copyright issues upon publishing on setstorm.
If you are found to be violating these guidelines your account will be permanently suspended and the content in question will be permanently removed from setstorm.